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Oceane7 Medical & Research Center, founded in 2014, is a privately held network  in South Florida  conducting Phase I-IV research trials with a primary emphasis on hypertension, diabetes, pain management, and weight loss in addition to many others. 

Staying true to its core values of quality, customer service, advocacy and patient care, the Oceane7 team has over 5 years of clinical research experience,Through years of experience, our research team continues to be a top pick for pharmaceutical companies. At Oceane7 we conduct a wide variety of clinical trials covering both acute and chronic indications. We has been an instrumental part in conducting studies resulting in 10 medications that are FDA approved and are changing the quality of life for millions. In addition to conducting clinical trials, we also offers data management, bio analytical lab analysis, medical writing, and clinical data monitoring services through established vendor relationships.

It is the policy of our site and doctors, to evaluate each trial and select ones in which we can successfully enroll and meet all expectations.


Our Mission, Vision & Values

We are dedicated to the discovery of new therapies, treatments, and cures for diseases and conditions; ultimately improving patients’ lives. With the knowledge gained from clinical trials, substantial advances have been made in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of thousands of diseases, resulting in significant improvements in quality and longevity of human life.


For Patients

Oceane7 Research is always looking for participants to take part in our clinical studies. Each trial offers different compensation for patients and requires a specific population type for qualification. Please check back often to see if you’re a fit for one of our upcoming studies.

Types of Research We Do


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